The Only Constant Is Change – Our Annual Review

The year 2022 is flying by. We have experienced a sensational amount, met many people and further developed our method and ourselves personally. We were on the road again at trade fairs and were again able to accompany and coach our clients in presence. Here you can find a review of the year.

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January 2022

How do I find and choose the best AI use case in the process and manufacturing industry? Martin Szugat gives you advice on this topic in the Industrial AI Academy from NNAISENSE. Employees in the manufacturing industry can request free access by emailing Ralf Haller.

February 2022

In January and February, we proudly and happily certified further data strategy consultants according to the data strategy design method. The experts accompany our clients with our unique method, common values and each with very specific expertise.

March 2022

Pierre-Philippe Mathieu and team members from the European Space Agency (ESA) gave an overview of the current successes and challenges of AI for space applications and presented some methodological use cases at the Data Brain Meetup.

Datentreiber expert Martin Szugat was a guest at the 2nd International Summit for Industrial AI Applications of our partner NNAISENSE. The event took place remotely for the second time and Martin gave a presentation titled: “How to Find Industrial AI Business Cases”.

Our Marketing Manager Catarina Gryska has been successful at Datentreiber for one year. Many valuable moments lie behind her. She is proud to be a team member of Datentreiber. In the interview, she describes her experiences and personal highlights in her first year in the position.

April 2022

Successful AI applications require high data quality, which in turn requires a clear data strategy. Martin Szugat reveals how companywide data strategies lead to successful AI projects in the article Planungssache in the iX magazine published by Heise Verlag.

Martin Szugat gave a talk at the AI Meetup in Frankfurt on how to design successful AI products. Afterwards, Gabriela Cortes from Amazon gave insights into the world of Alexa. The AI Meetup is organised monthly online by the AI Lab of Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.

A new member in our network since February is Philipp Baron von Loringhoven, whom we would like to introduce to you in our blog. Philipp is a marketing specialist who knows a lot about digital analytics and marketing automation in combination with data science.

May 2022

Companies often confuse data strategy with data architecture. The participants of the amexus event learned more about this during Martin Szugat’s presentation: Design Thinking for a value-oriented and user-centred data strategy.

Marketing is no longer possible without it: the marketing data strategy. You can learn interesting facts about this in this podcast episode of DataEngage. Datentreiber expert Phillip Baron von Loringhoven talks to Martin Szugat about what a good data strategy is and where and how it helps in marketing.

June 2022

Data governance is a difficult subject to explain. There is no standard definition and this often leads to mistrust in the topic. Since a standardised language is enormously important, the Datentreiber expert & managing partner of iDIGMA GmbH reveals the definition and much more in this interview.

At the Datendinner in Munich, the participants enjoyed short impulse presentations. Christian Gersmeier from the Seven.One Entertainment Group was one of the speakers who got the conversation going with his talk: How can we prove the uplift of digital marketing on TV ratings?

July 2022

Our expert group meeting took place in Kochel a. See at the beginning of July. The purpose of the two-day meeting was for all experts to get to know each other personally, to further develop our method of data strategy design and to work on our own strategy in a workshop.

Since 1 July 2022, there has been another managing partner alongside Martin Szugat: Georg Arens. Georg brings over 30 years of experience in data projects. In the interview, he reveals what the right start is for companies that want to become data-driven.

Because the participants and the Datentreiber team enjoyed it so much last year, a hike with the participants of the open Data Design Thinking training took place again this year in July. This year we went together to the Herzogstand with summery temperatures.

Our data strategy design method is used worldwide. Data specialists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, France, the USA, Russia, Peru, Mauritius, Brazil and Morocco use it. In the summer, she travelled to the USA again with Datentreiber expert Georg Arens.

August 2022

Martin Szugat describes in the article in iX – magazine for professional IT from heise online how you too can make good use of data in your company with the method developed by Datentreiber & make a significant contribution to the success of your company: Data Thinking: mehr Wert aus Daten ziehen.

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September 2022

How is a data strategy currently understood and practised in companies? This is what a study in the research seminar “Challenges in Digital Technology Management” of the Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Munich has now found out.

Typical marketing questions: What is the benefit of which channel? Where should I invest? How can we achieve our sales goals together with sales? In this article, Datentreiber expert Lutz Klaus writes about an effective tool for answering these questions: KPI driver trees.

October 2022

The conferences Predictive Analytics World for Industry 4.0, for Healthcare & for Business took place at the same time as Deep Learning World from 5 to 6 October 2022 in Berlin. While Martin Szugat led through the programme, Georg Arens used the time at the stand for intensive networking also with the speakers.

The Datendinner took place among our customers at the Früh am Dom in Cologne. This time, Nora Reich (Product Owner Big Data & Artificial Intelligence, KfW) and Kai Schlolaut (Digital Marketing Data Analyst & Global Digital Marketing, Weleda AG) gave short keynote speeches between the courses.

November 2022

In the fully booked Data Design Thinking online training, participants learned how to design and implement successful data strategies and projects. The online training Data Business Consulting continued at the end of the month. Further dates for 2023 have already been set.

In this interview, Datentreiber expert Sarah Stemmler tells us where companies need to start if they really want to become data driven and why a strategy can only be effective if it is accompanied by a good culture. Sarah also introduces the recently launched Tech Leaders Academy.

December 2022

At the beginning of December, we at Datentreiber are curious and want you to answer two short questions. There is also something to win. We are giving away 10 licences of StackFuel Membership, an in-service online training course for the data & AI sector, to all participants.

For each training or workshop, we planted a tree in 2022. With the PLANT-MY-TREE® initiative, we have chosen a mixed forest. Together with our customers, we are making the world a good bit greener and compensating for our CO2 consumption.

We wish you a good conclusion for the year 2022 and are already looking forward to a successful year 2023 together!

May the data be with you.

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