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Datentreiber Christmas Story by Catharina Kümmeth, children's book writer and Datentreiber. Enjoy reading!

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When Even Elves Need Someone Who Talks Data. 

»Twist and curl it! It’s going awry,« murmured Geoffry as he slammed the door to the Christmas workshop. He knew, of course, that Christmas elves were not supposed to curse, but there had to be exceptions. Like now! 

Victor, the Head Elf, was a nice guy, but at three hundred and fifty-eight years old, he was not exactly staying up-to-date, and Geoffry could not stand hearing the phrase “We’ve always done it this way” anymore. Grumpily, the little elf trudged through the deep snow and climbed into his sleigh. As always, when he needed to think, he flew to the human world. More precisely, to family Miller, who lived way up in the snow-covered mountains. The chilly night air swirled around his pointed elf ears as he zoomed through the crystal-clear winter. 

At The Magical Hide-Out

Soon, Geoffry reached his destination. Right next to a frozen lake stood the cozy farmhouse. He parked his flying sleigh behind a dense fir tree and quietly walked to the terrace. From there, he observed the children. The glow of the living room lamp illuminated the ground, and the Christmas elf sneaked a bit closer. 

»I hope we get something cool this year,« said Noel, gazing longingly at the festively decorated Christmas tree. 

»Oh, come on! Definitely not! Last time, I got boxing gloves,« replied his sister. »What am I supposed to do with those? Soccer cleats would have been great, but no…« 

»That didn’t stop you from using them to punch me,« interjected Noel. 

»Well, I had to use them for something.« Kayla shrugged. 

»Probably, Santa just has a lot to do,« said Matti. He was the youngest in the family, sitting quietly on the sofa, lost in thought. »This year will be different, for sure.« 

Geoffry should be happy that the little one had such an unwavering trust in the elves. If only Victor was not so stubborn, things could indeed be different this year. But with Victor in charge, Geoffry was not overly optimistic. 

Dejectedly, he walked towards the garden. The moon shone brightly on the small pond, making the smooth surface of the ice glisten. Well, if Victor could not be convinced, Geoffry had to ensure that Matti, Kayla, and Noel got the right gifts. Determined, he turned around and walked to the fir tree. Unaware that the front door had swung open, he collided with something in the middle of the garden. No, not something – someone! In front of him stood Matti, his eyes wide-open. 

»You’re an elf,« he whispered. “A real Christmas elf.« 

»Um, no, I’m not,« Geoffry replied evasively, looking down at his clothes. But the red coat with the white fur trim and the pointed green shoes gave him away. 

»Wow!« Matti circled around him. »I’ve seen you before. You were outside on the terrace the other day, looking through the window. Noel and Kayla thought I was imagining things, but I knew you were real. I just knew it. That’s by far the coolest hat I’ve ever seen! And your jacket is amazing.« 

»Okay,« admitted Geoffry. “But don’t tell anyone I’m here.« 

»And why are you here? Christmas is still two days away.« 

The Christmas elf thought for a moment, then decided to confide in Matti. He had already been seen, and so it did not make a difference anymore. 

»So, Victor doesn’t want to change anything?« Matti asked incredulously. »Maybe he just needs help.« 

»Well, he didn’t want my help,« grumbled Geoffry, thinking about his argument with the Head Elf. 

»Should I check it out?« Matti suddenly asked. 

»Where? At the North Pole?« 

»Why not? You said your sleigh is pretty fast,« suggested Matti. 

»What about your parents?« 

»We’ll just start when they’re asleep.« 

It was risky, but Geoffry liked the idea of someone supporting him in his endeavour. So, two hours later, Matti excitedly climbed into the flying sleigh, and the two zoomed off to the Christmas workshop.

The Christmas Gift Triad – When The Elves Began To Learn About Their Why

Matti was so excited to finally see where the Christmas magic took place. And it was more stunning than he could ever have imagined. The other elves welcomed him warmly and listened with interest to Matti and Geoffry. 

»You’re right! People have been complaining about for a long time now that they don’t get the gifts they wished for anymore,« one of the elves objected loudly. »Something has to change!« 

»But how?« another one asked. 

»Quite simple,« Matti said, grinning. »We need a plan.« 

He looked around and then grabbed a box of colourful chalk. »Can I use this?« 

»Sure!« Geoffry watched as Matti began to write on a wall.

»Well, our goal is to make sure everyone gets the one present that’s perfect for them, right?” 

The elves nodded. 

»We need a list of all people. Then we must see what they wish for, what hobbies they have. And then we’ll figure out which gifts would suit them best.« 

»We do have a list like this.« Geoffry handed Matti a thick book with a dark red leather cover. 

Matti flipped through the pages and then looked puzzled around the room. The elves waited eagerly. 

»Is this for real?« Matti asked finally, pointing to the book. »No wonder Kayla got boxing gloves last year. All her interests are missing here. You couldn’t have known she’s the biggest soccer fan ever.« 

»But everything should be in there,« said a little elf with round glasses. »I’m sure we collected all the information.« 

»It’s in there,« Geoffry replied. »All jumbled up. But when I say we need to tidy up, nobody listens to me. I suggest we start right now.« 

The elves had realized that within this chaos, they could hardly bring the right gift to every child. Motivated, they began searching for the children’s hobbies. And not only were they fixing that information, no, the elves also wondered what else could be taken into account in the future. They clearly wanted to make a difference. 

Smiling, Geoffry leaned back. The atmosphere in the Christmas workshop had not been this good in ages. 

Until… yes, until Victor suddenly appeared in the doorway. 

Victor Resists – You’re Not Ready To Change Until You’re Ready

 »What’s going on here?« His voice echoed through the room, and all the elves held their breath. »We don’t need help. Everything is going well. It has been for hundreds of years.« 

Geoffry rolled his eyes. 

»Stop this nonsense now,« Victor began wrapping gifts and putting names on them. Gradually, the elves joined in, supporting their Head Elf, and soon everything was running as it always had. 

Geoffry and Matti looked at their beautiful plan on the wall. Colourful information about children, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and the whole rest of humanity. They all had wishes and dreams. Matti and Geoffry could have found the perfect gift for each of them, but Victor wouldn’t allow it. 

And so, Christmas Eve was just around the corner. Matti sat a bit wistfully under the tree. He had given his all, but he and Geoffry had not succeeded. 

»What’s this?« Kayla pulled an electric egg cooker out of her package. »Seriously? The boxing gloves were better than this. What am I supposed to do with an egg cooker?« She pouted. 

»Do you want mine?« Noel asked, holding a pair of pink boxing gloves under her nose. 

Kayla laughed. »Now you know how I felt last year.« 

Matti sighed as he unwrapped his gift. A sewing kit. 

Mom and Dad’s eyes met with a quizzical look as they unwrapped unicorn-shaped salt and pepper shakers. »Well, at least it’s something practical,« said Mom, but everyone knew they already had too many saltshakers in the kitchen cupboard. 

»Shhh!« Matti perked up and looked around. Geoffry tapped quietly against the patio door. Quickly, Matti threw on his jacket and rushed outside. 

»What’s happening?« he asked. Now he saw that Geoffry was not alone. Victor stood next to him, looking sadly through the window. 

»You were right,« Victor said finally. »Today, we’ve made too many families unhappy. An old lady got sand toys because I didn’t write her age in the book. Oh dear…« 

»But what can we do? Everyone already got their gifts,« said Matti. 

»True,« replied Geoffry, grinning. »But who says we can’t exchange them until tomorrow morning?« He winked at Matti.

Overcoming Resistance And Making People Smile 

And when the parents were asleep, Matti, Geoffry, and Victor climbed into the flying sleigh together to save Christmas. 

Throughout the night, they gathered the missing information and organized the complete list. They packed and worked, wrote and scribbled, sweated and laughed. And in the early morning hours, the gift exchange operation could begin. 

Can you imagine how surprised Kayla was the next morning when she found a brand-new soccer jersey under the tree? The egg cooker was gone. Mom and Dad were thrilled with the stylish new living room lamp, and Noel finally got the backpack he had been wishing for. 

Only Matti had nothing new under the tree. In all the hustle, he had completely forgotten his own gift. But it did not matter because he knew that the shining eyes were his doing. 

From that day on, everyone would get the gift they wished for. Geoffry and Matti would make sure of that. 

But wait… What was that? Something shimmered under the tree. Matti crawled closer. On the gift was a little sticker with his name. And when he unwrapped it, he saw Geoffry’s elf hat. Laughing, he put it on. This was the best gift he had ever received.

quotationHave a wonderful Christmas to you and your families, and a Happy New Year from the whole Datentreiber team.

Thank you for your support and trust.

Have a wonderful Christmas, your Datentreiber Team

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