Data Strategy Consulting

To make your data strategy a reality, the Datentreiber consultants are hands-on to provide you with advice and support during the conception, planning and implementation phases. We also help you put together the right team and find the right service providers and suppliers.

We drive your business forward.

We guide you to the goal.

A data strategy is only as good as its implementation. That is why we accompany you in the concretization and realization of your data strategy, so that you can achieve your goals effectively and efficiently. Depending on your individual needs, we take over activities for your company or advise and support you:

  • Define goals and key performance indicators – with KPI driver trees, the AARRR model and the OKR method (Objectives & Key Results).
  • Clean, aggregate and analyze data and create visualizations as well as predictive models.
  • Design analytical solutions economically, technically and organizationally and evaluate them in terms of costs, benefits and risks.
  • Create and test technical and visual prototypes.
  • Plan projects and resources and calculate business & financial plans.
  • Prepare tenders and evaluate service and solution providers.
  • Assemble and lead teams.
  • Continue to train existing employees and seek new employees.

We focus flexibly on your individual requirements and lead your company to success in a targeted manner.

We drive your business forward.

Become a data-driven company in 6 months

1st Month — Workshops:

  • Analyze company & customer processes
  • Define goals & metrics
  • Design data strategy
  • Outline pilot project

2nd Month — Consultation:

  • Refine strategy
  • Specify technical & professional requirements
  • Create roadmap for the coming months

3rd Month — Conception:

  • Design measure(s)
  • Plan project(s)
  • Test prototype(s)
  • If necessary, identify & evaluate service providers & solutions

4-5th Month — Implementation:

  • Monitor measure(s)
  • Guide solution development
  • Check external services
  • Consultation on critical questions and tasks

6th Month — Integration:

  • Integrate & test measure(s) & solution(s) into existing processes
  • Train employees

From 7th Month:

  • Evaluate measure(s) & solution(s)
  • Adjust data strategy if necessary
  • Implement further measures…
We drive your business forward.

Our offer

Following a joint Data Strategy Workshop, we will clarify your individual need for support and consultation and estimate the effort required for it. Then you will receive a personalized offer from us, which transparently presents our services, the effort involved, and the duration of the project for you. Depending on the customer’s request and the project, we can work on-site at your company or be available to you via phone and email. If the actual effort exceeds the planned effort, we will inform you in a timely manner. And if our effort is lower than expected, we will only invoice you for the actual performance. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis in 0.25-hour intervals.

We drive your business forward.

The team is key.

That is why we support you in putting together the right team for your business:

  • Depending on the industry, specialist area and objective, we find the right data strategy consultant in our Datentreiber network.
  • We also help you put together and guide the right project team of internal employees and external experts.
  • We are also happy to coach managers and train employees to accelerate the transformation to a data-driven company.
  • Finally, we identify and evaluate applicants, service and solution providers.
We drive your business forward.

Our customers are our driving force.

We drive your business forward.

We do it differently. Better.

We think big.
And start small.

We don’t want long projects.
We want quick successes.

We don’t want to be with you forever.
We want you to get started.

We drive your business forward.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Whatever you are concerned about: we are happy to provide you with advice and support and look forward to joint and exciting projects. Contact us for a non-binding and free consultation.

We drive your business forward.

General Terms and Conditions of Business

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We drive your business forward.