Data Strategy Workshop

A data strategy workshop is the first step in a data strategy project. In an interdisciplinary team, we gather all relevant information, create a common understanding of the objective and develop ideas and concepts for data-driven solutions together.

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The First Step in the Right Direction.

During a joint workshop, you will learn the method of Data Strategy Design and together we will develop an individual data strategy for your company that will lead you to a successful data-driven company.

The goal of the two-day workshop is to explore data-driven solutions and products

  • to identify the needs of your users or customers and your company’s database,
  • to concretize with regard to the required functions, processes, data sources, tools, employee qualifications and partners,
  • … and to evaluate them with regard to the cost-benefit ratio as well as technical, legal and economic risks.

The result is a data strategy that documents the analytical actual state of your company, specifies the target state and defines a roadmap for increasing the analytical maturity of your company as well as initial solutions in concrete terms.

We drive your business forward.

Reach Your Goal Quickly and Easily With a Method.

In our workshops, we use the Data Strategy Design method, which Datentreiber has developed and tested in numerous customer projects. For collaboration during the workshop, Datentreiber has also designed the Data Strategy Design Kit. The Design Kit consists of visual collaboration tools (“canvas” as they are called) such as the Data Strategy canvas and the Data Landscape canvas. The canvas allow your team to visualize abstract ideas and thus make them tangible. In the workshop, we use the canvas to document and analyze the current state and to design and evaluate creative solutions.

We drive your business forward.
We drive your business forward.

Our Strengths. Your Advantages.

Datentreiber combines entrepreneurial action with analytical thinking and creative conception.

  1. Get started immediately and find the right direction faster thanks to our many years of practical and strategic experience.
  2. Focus on the critical issues at the critical time using the proven Datentreiber method.
  3. Create acceptance for your goals through a transparent decision-making process and our independent advice.
We drive your business forward.


We drive your business forward.

On-Top and On-Site.

Motivate your employees even more with a unique team-building event: at an altitude of 1,600 meters in the Bavarian mountains, amidst fresh mountain air, you will gain a strategic overview of your business and collaboratively develop new ideas for data-driven corporate success as a team. We are looking forward to your request.

We drive your business forward.

Make It Easy for Yourself To Get Started.

The two-day Data Strategy Workshop is your first step toward a data-driven business:

  • Get your team and your colleagues from other departments on board: the workshop is designed for interdisciplinary teams with up to 5 participants.
  • Our workshops are personalized, intensive and interactive to get the most out of your valuable time.
  • Of course, appropriate preparation and follow-up of the workshop is also included, so that we use your time efficiently to achieve an effective result.
  • Furthermore, you will receive a Data Strategy Design Kit specifically put together for your workshop.

The price for the two-day data strategy workshop is €5,800 plus VAT and travel expenses. We are available for a personal meeting to discuss your specific requirements and goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

We drive your business forward.

General Terms and Conditions of Business

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