Generative AI Canvas

With the Generative AI canvas, you develop creative and innovative application ideas of Generative AI for your company and your customers. The canvas shows you the business potential of your data and the diverse possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. 

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What Is the Generative AI Canvas?

The Generative AI canvas helps in use case ideation for Generative AI by providing three starting points as a source of inspiration:

  • Input: What data do we already have available as a company or could we provide, which can be used as input for a generative AI (also in combination)? The canvas distinguishes between different types of data: character-based data such as text, code, and markup; audiovisual data such as images, videos, and audio; graph-based data such as models, drawings, and diagrams.
  • Function: what functions can a Generative AI perform on the input data (individually, sequentially, or in parallel) to generate new data or content? The possible functions can be categorized as extraction & filtering, anonymization & masking, enhancement & augmentation, detection & prediction, summarization & explanation, and transformation & translation.  
  • Output: what content do we or our customers want as a generated result? Again, the canvas distinguishes the types of data mentioned in the input – also called modalities. A multimodal AI can process and output different types of data. 

The Generative AI canvas is available for free under a Creative Commons-License: you may use and modify the canvas as long as you cite data drivers and the AI Foundation as a source in particular.

We drive your business forward.

We drive your business forward.
We drive your business forward.

Where Can I Find More Information?

You can find more documents here:

The Generative AI canvas was developed in collaboration with the Foundation Factory. On the pages of the AI Foundation you can find more information about Generative AI. 

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How Can I Start?


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Cross References

Canvas Übersicht

Here you can find further canvas and information concerning Data Strategy Design:

License Terms

You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the canvas in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the canvas
for any purpose, even commercially.
Under the following terms:

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