The Datentreiber Method: Data & AI Business Design

Using the Data & AI Business Design method you achieve your goals securely and you find the right way faster. Data & AI strategy design helps you and your team to collaborate efficiently and effective to develop unique as well as the most promising strategies for utilizing your enterprise data.

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What Is Data & AI Business Design?

To holistically advise its clients regarding individual data & AI strategies, Datentreiber has developed its own strategy method which has been used, proven successful as well as continuously refined in numerous client projects: the Data & AI Business Design method is based on Design Thinking. It extends the original method’s user-centric and value-oriented mindset with Data Thinking, a perspective which is, coming from the users’ needs and available enterprise data, identifying, concretizing and evaluating AI and data-driven solutions and business models. The Datentreiber method provides a collection of different canvas and workshop formats in the Data & AI Business Design Bench.

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What Is a Data & AI Strategy?

A data and AI strategy consists of three essential parts:

  1. Short-term: an overview of the company’s data landscape including the exploration of external data sources as well as the qualitative evaluation of the data.
  2. Mid-term: concrete use cases having a positive cost-benefit ratio as well as functional, technical and analytical concepts for an imminent implementation.
  3. Long-term: a roadmap for a gradual increase of the company’s analytical maturity by implementing further data-driven applications.

The data strategy is aiming at a transformation of the company towards AI and data-driven business models and processes in order to get a leading position in the digital race.

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What Are the Datentreiber Canvas?

The Datentreiber Designkit consists of various canvas posters. Data & AI strategy designers can use these as an ensemble or one by one to clarify different questions related to a data and AI strategy within their team. Because of their structure, the canvas help to raise the critical questions and to find the right answers. The canvas are divided into three areas:


Data Landscape


Analytic Maturity


Data Strategy


Data Management



Value Chain


Growth Horizons


Business Model / Case


Strategy Pyramid



Stakeholder Analysis


Value Curve


Analytics Use Case


Customer Touchpoints


As a generic tool for prioritization, the Priority Matrix is available as a canvas, as well as the 3 Boxes Canvas as a generic tool for categorization. Another tool is the Generative AI Canvas for the development of innovative application ideas of Generative AI. For root cause analysis of problems, the Cause and Effect Canvas is available. An overview of all canvases and a representation of the connections between the canvases is provided by the Data Strategy Design Kit Canvas, and the Data Strategy Design Guide Canvas is suitable for planning and visualizing workshops.

Here you can download all 18 canvas

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What Is the Datentreiber Data & AI Business Design Bench?

Companies can use the Datentreiber canvas in different combinations and ways depending on the company’s specific situation and objectives. Datentreiber has developed design patterns and workshop formats for typical starting points or areas of applications. These formats are summarized and classified in the Data & AI Business Design Bench. The following picture shows an exemplary template process for a data driven marketing strategy:


Focus on the critical area of application.

Identify use cases with potential benefit.

Sort use cases according to analytics maturity level.

Prioritize uses cases according to cost & benefit.
Identify decision-makers and users.

Understand desires and objectives of the users.

Conceptualize analytical solutions: data, tools etc.

Explore data sources & identify data providers.
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What Is the Best Starting Point?

All beginnings are…easy. To keep this promise we are offering various content regarding Data & AI Business Design:

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