Strategy Pyramid Canvas

Using the Strategy Pyramid Canvas you can develop a common corporate strategy in collaboration with your team to reach your objectives together. It assists you to find the right objectives and path for your company.

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What Is the Strategy Pyramid Canvas?

A successful corporate strategy helps you to do the right things. Talking about success largely depends on the acceptance of the contributing people. Hence these should be part of finding the objectives and the path towards them. The Strategy Pyramid Canvas is a collaboration tool that concretizes and visualizes the essential parts of a corporate strategy:

  1. The Vision describes the company’s desired target state, its customers and its surroundings (industry, economy, society etc. ).
  2. Whereas the Mission determines the path towards the vision: what do we do and offer to make the vision come true?
  3. The Core Values make up the fundament of the company and provide footing in difficult situations.
  4. The Guidelines provide orientation and concrete recommended course of action how the vision needs to be fulfilled based on the mission.
  5. The Milestones represent intermediate steps towards reaching the vision and help to decide if you are on track.

The Strategy Pyramid Canvas is available for free under a Creative Commons license: you may use and modify the canvas as long as you cite Datentreiber in particular as the source.

We drive your business forward.

We drive your business forward.
We drive your business forward.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Here you can find further documentation:

Data Thinker Group (LinkedIn)

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How Can I Start?


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Cross References

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Here you can find further canvas and information concerning Data Strategy Design:

License Terms

You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the canvas in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the canvas
for any purpose, even commercially.
Under the following terms:

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