Analytics Maturity Canvas

Using the Analytics Maturity Canvas you can determine the analytical maturity of your company or department. Furthermore it allows you to develop a roadmap laying out how to gradually increase the maturity. The Analytics Maturity Canvas as a tool for prioritizing helps you to find out which analytics project you should start next and which tools you need to do so.

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What Is the Analytics Maturity Canvas?

The Analytics Maturity Canvas is a prioritization tool for data strategies (cf. Data Strategy Canvas). While working on the Data Strategy Design you develop many ideas on how to utilize your data with analytical tools. These can be primarily differentiated according to their analytical maturity:

  1. Descriptive Analytics is enabling reporting to monitor what has happened.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics is the prerequisite for data exploration to analyze why something has happened.
  3. Predictive Analytics is used to create forecast models to simulate what could happen.
  4. Prescriptive Analytics evaluates measures for optimization to recommend what should happen.
  5. Automated Analytics controls automation processes to decide what has to happen.

By arranging the existing as well as the already planned prospective analytics applications according to their maturity, you develop a step-by-step implementation roadmap.

The Analytics Maturity Canvas is available for free under a Creative Commons license: you may use and modify the canvas as long as you cite Datentreiber in particular as the source.

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We drive your business forward.
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Where Can I Find More Information?

The presentation referred to beside introduces you to the Data Strategy Design method and Analytics Maturity Canvas by means of an example project.

Here you can find further documentation:

Your first step towards a data-driven company (Blog)
Data-Driven Marketing – The first steps towards a Data-Driven Marketing (SlideShare)
Data Thinker Group (LinkedIn)

The Analytics Maturity Canvas is based on the Gartner Analytics Maturity Model which is among many other resources also described in the following article: The Analytics Maturity Model.

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How Can I Start?


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