Analytics Use Case Canvas

Using the Analytics Use Case Canvas you can identify the pain points of your users and customers. It also allows you to conceptualize data and analytics solutions which provide real added value. Make use of the canvas to better understand the users and to critically reflect on your solution ideas regarding the problem solution fit.

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What Is the Analytics Use Case Canvas?

The Analytics Use Case Canvas is a tool for drafting analytical applications from a user’s point of view. This is what’s called a data product or in simple terms just analytics. An analytics use case can be defined by:

  1. Problem: who is the potential user of an analytical solution and which objectives does this person respectively this (user) role have? Which results contribute to reach these objectives, which decisions need to be taken to do so and which actions are possible? Which obstacles complicate or interfere with the target achievement and the decision making process? What could act as a support or motivation?
  2. Solution: which analytical solutions do exist and how do they look from a user’s perspectives? Which information and features does the user expect from the solution?
  3. Benefit: what is the added value of the solution for the user? And does the solution solve the user’s problem (at all)?

The Analytics Use Case Canvas helps to answer these questions. Hence it helps to ensure to conceptualize and develop data-driven products and internal analytics solutions which do we have a high user acceptance as well as a high value-added.

We drive your business forward.

We drive your business forward.
We drive your business forward.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Here you can find further documentation:

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Data Thinker Group (LinkedIn)

The Analytics Use Case Canvas is an adaption of Strategyzer’s Value Proposition Canvas adjusted for analytics applications.

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