Data Strategy Designkit Canvas

The Data Strategy Designkit Canvas provides you with an overview of the Datentreiber Data Strategy Designkit tools. It also shows you the connections between the canvas templates and how they interact with each other. Using the Data Strategy Designkit Canvas you can plan your data strategy projects and document the current status.

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What Is the Data Strategy Designkit Canvas?

The Data Strategy Designkit Canvas is a planning tool for data strategy projects. It provides a structured overview of the Data Strategy Designkit’s tools by classifying them into three categories:

  1. Data: tools like the Data Strategy Canvas deal with technical and analytical questions related to data-driven business models and processes.
  2. Strategy: tools like the Value Chain Canvas consider the economical and functional part of data projects and analytical solutions.
  3. Design: tools like the Customer Touchpoints Canvas enable you to take on the user and customer perspective.

Furthermore, the detailed view of the canvas shows how the canvas tools are linked with each other and provides support by demonstrating how the interaction of the canvas works.

The Data Strategy Designkit Canvas is available for free under a Creative Commons license: you may use and modify the canvas as long as you cite Datentreiber in particular as the source.

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We drive your business forward.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Here you can find further documentation:

Hit the sweetspot with your data strategy (Blog)
Data Thinker Group (LinkedIn)

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